Mouse keeps double clicking mac

Corrupted system files

This really sucks!!! Having this problem now.

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I removed the MT as a bluetooth device and then added it again. Nothing is working. Any ideas? I had the same problem. Logitech Performance MX mouse. Worked fine on windows 7 desktop, switched to macbook pro with Lion a few weeks back. Impossible to work with. This is a lovely little shareware program that solved all compatibility issues immediately.

You can use the free version which includes a few annoying messages when you use it, or pay 17 dollars for the full version, which works like a dream. Your email address will not be published. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it fall… yeah, it still makes a sound. Home Projects About Contact. Tagged: Apple , Fail , Mac. November 5, at am.

Same problem on Steve says:. November 9, at pm. Steve Steiner says:. February 4, at pm. Jack says:. February 19, at am. David Freerksen says:. February 20, at am. JerryPittsburgh says:. June 5, at pm. Jeff says:. July 24, at am. Alan McCabe says:. October 6, at am. Art says:. November 30, at pm.

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Doddy says:. February 22, at am. March 21, at pm. April 5, at pm. Allen in Chicago says:. May 11, at pm. Kimon says:. May 31, at am. June 20, at pm. October 28, at pm. Krish says:. I to have the same problem,if any one has the fix please let post the answer here. Tom says:.

Double-click speed set too low

December 28, at am. August 1, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This is not a logitech only issue. I'm experiencing the same thing with my Razer DeathAdder 3. Has any additional knowledge on this come to light?

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Mar 28, PM. Apr 17, AM in response to greysonr In response to greysonr. I've just upgraded and i'm gettign the same issue but with the Magic mouse! Anyone found a solution yet? Apr 17, AM.

I have the same maddening problem with my Apple mouse. It thinks a single click is a double click, which makes it hard to even select a file in Finder without the file opening, or to check a box the instant double click unclicks the box. I can barely use the computer - I spend more time waiting for programs to open and closing windows that I don't want open.

Possible fix for the Double Clicking issue on some mice

Menus pop open but instantly close. I've been using Macs for 25 years, and this level of productivity brings me back to the days of my 8mHz Macintosh Plus - only this is more frustrating. I'm using OS I'm using an Apple mouse that says it is "Mouse". It has a clear top, white guts, no ball or button, perhaps it has invisible button areas, but I have no idea how to adjust or determine what they do or where they are. I suppose I should know what model the mouse is, but why should I have to surf the web to find out?

Is it a mouse, mighty mouse, apple mouse, ultra mouse, magic mouse, mouse mouse? Please give future mice mouses? My mouse and keyboard are wired. I'm getting wired too trying to fix this.

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Just typing this message is a pain. The mouse selects words when all I want to do is place the cursor.

Mac Mouse Double-Clicking Instead of Single Clicking? Here’s the Fix

Jun 3, AM. Jun 3, AM in response to greysonr In response to greysonr. It turns out in my case that my mouse had gone bad, oddly, exactly when I upgraded to Mountain Lion—just funny coincidence. More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search.

mouse keeps double clicking mac Mouse keeps double clicking mac
mouse keeps double clicking mac Mouse keeps double clicking mac
mouse keeps double clicking mac Mouse keeps double clicking mac
mouse keeps double clicking mac Mouse keeps double clicking mac
mouse keeps double clicking mac Mouse keeps double clicking mac

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