Mac os x set zsh

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Download the version located under Stable Releases. It will download the zip file. Extract the zip file and the new file will be visible as iTerm. Change shell to ZSH The next step is to change our backend from bash to zsh. In iTerm2, type the command which zsh. The file will open. Go into insert mode by pressing i on the keyboard. Press escape to exit out of insert mode. Once done, save the changes by typing :wq which refers to write and quit. We can now switch to zsh. The shell is now changed to zsh.

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Close iTerm2 and open it again. Reopen iTerm2 and it will have Oh My Zsh enabled. Update colors Given that the text is not very readable due to the choice of colors, I decided to change the colors to a preset colour scheme.

In the window, at the bottom right under Color Presets Add an intro message Just for fun we can also add a message, each time we will open up a new iTerm2 window or tab. Install the fortune package which will help us display the random fortune using brew install fortune.

Zsh · macOS Setup Guide

Go to the end and type the following command which will display my name and the current date, each time I open iTerm2 window or tab. Most readline commands have a zsh equivalent, but it isn't always a perfect equivalence. Prompt : bash sets the prompt mainly from PS1 which contains backslash escapes.

Zsh sets the prompt mainly from PS1 which contains percent escapes. Zsh has more convenience mechanisms to build fancy prompts including a prompt theme mechanism. You can copy your. You'll find some commands that bash handles better and some that zsh handles better. Zsh is usually more precise, but sometimes gives up where bash does something that isn't correct but is sensible. To specify possible completions for a command, zsh has three mechanisms:. Many of bash's shopt settings have a corresponding setopt in zsh. Zsh doesn't treat as a comment start on the command line by default, only in scripts including.

If a word becomes empty due to expanding empty unquoted variables, it's removed e.

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The result of an unquoted command substitution is split at whitespace but the pieces don't undergo wildcard matching. Bash arrays are indexed from 0 to length Zsh arrays are indexed from 1 to length. In bash, if you just reference an array variable without braces, you get the first element, e. Bash has extra wildcard patterns such as foo bar to match foo or bar , which are only enabled with shopt -s extglob.

In bash, by default, if a wildcard pattern doesn't match any file, it's left unchanged. In zsh, by default, you'll get an error, which is usually the safest setting. If you want to pass a wildcard parameter to a command, use quotes. In bash, the right-hand side of a pipeline runs in a subshell. In zsh, it runs in the parent shell, so you can write things like somecommand read output. Here are a few nice zsh features that bash doesn't have at least not without some serious elbow grease. Once again, this is just a selection of the ones I consider the most useful.

Glob qualifiers allow matching files based on metadata such as their time stamp, their size, etc. They also allow tweaking the output. The syntax is rather cryptic, but it's extremely convenient. Here are a few examples:. Here are a few useful zsh-specific wildcard patterns.

Pimp your terminal with Custom ZSH Themes & Prompts - Command Line Power User (6/11)

To mass-rename files , zsh provides a very convenient tool: the zmv function. Suggested for your.

What is shell?

Bash has a few ways to apply transformations when taking the value of a variable. Zsh has some of the same and many more. Zsh has a number of little convenient features to change directories. You can use the two-argument form to cd to change to a directory whose name is close to the current directory.

Zsh comes with a configuration interface that supports a few of the most common settings, including canned recipes for things like case-insensitive completion. To re run this interface the first line is not needed if you're using a configuration file that was edited by zsh-newuser-install :. Out of the box, with no configuration file at all, many of zsh's useful features are disabled for backward compatibility with 's versions.

Oh My Zsh Mac

There are many zsh configuration frameworks on the web many of them are on Github. They can be a convenient way to get started with some powerful features. The flip side of the coin is they often lock you in doing things the way the author does, so sometimes they'll prevent you from doing things the way you want. Use them at your own risk. The zsh manual has a lot of information, but it's often written in a way that's terse and hard to follow, and has few examples. Don't hesitate to search for explanations and examples online: if you only use the part of zsh that's easy to understand in the manual, you'll miss out.

Two good resources are the zsh-users mailing list and Unix Stack Exchange. Your prompt will change and if you changed your prompt on bash , the way to change it on zsh is no harder and no less documented than bash. The newer shells would fail to ever get off the ground if they broke major items or caused a painful adaptation period. If you want a more fundamental change and really want a shell you need to think about and requires training and intention to adopt - try fish. Do your shell scripts have shebang lines begin with!

If not, you might have unintentionally been using a bash feature, where it runs scripts without a shebang using bash. The specifics are the Bash manual, 6. Some points:. This environment variable may affect the behaviour of a number of other tools, especially if you have GNU tools installed. So if your script did. You should do. As you can guess from the numbers, there are a lot of minor differences in behaviour of bash in POSIX mode.

Best use a shebang if you mean to use bash for your scripts. Sign up to join this community.

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The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What are the practical differences between Bash and Zsh? Ask Question. Asked 2 months ago. Active 27 days ago. Viewed 4k times.

mac os x set zsh Mac os x set zsh
mac os x set zsh Mac os x set zsh
mac os x set zsh Mac os x set zsh
mac os x set zsh Mac os x set zsh
mac os x set zsh Mac os x set zsh
mac os x set zsh Mac os x set zsh
mac os x set zsh Mac os x set zsh
mac os x set zsh Mac os x set zsh

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