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Mad Catz R.A.T.7 Mouse - Matte Black (Mac/PC)

I find this the most comfortable set up but its also the set up that I find to be the slowest while gaming This makes the mouse the fastest imo, still comfortable too. It also reduces the size of this mouse alot. Anyways its the underside of the mouse. There is some kind of plastic bevel around the lazer eye opening. Its suppose to stop the lazer from tracking funny. Ive tried to get the mouse to skip or miss but no luck and the curser does not move when the mouse is picked up from the mat.

Mouse lifting was an issue with this mouse before but i had no issues at all. On a open paint page this mouse would do very nice circles and had no flat spots on the edges.

Mad Catz R.A.T.7 Gaming Mouse – Infection Edition

With dpi its too fast to control for me. I have kept the mouse to default speeds and for desk top use the dpi is i think The point i wanted to make with this shot is that you are looking at 14 programable buttons just on the thumb alone WOOT. The Rat 7 this thumb rest can be angled but on the mmo7 it can only go forward or backward but not angle. A key difference i dont like but ill live with. One review site called MatCat up about the removal of this feature and they were told that it was a feature that was removed to reduce production costs You can still angle the thumb rest they were told but its not requemended and this is why the Rat key does not fit this screw.

If you want to angle the thumb you will need a philips screw driver and they were told NOT to remove the screw completely. This thumb button side is the reason i bought this mouse Green eyes watching you and a long sleeved tail that is black and orange. This is its new home, i love my mouse. What is interesting about the lights on the front two buttons is that you can change the color to anything you want. You have a color wheel with the whole spectrum of colors and even RBG to fine tuning. You set the default color, the color the buttons are normally.

Each side can be set to a different color if you want also.

Mad Catz R.A.T. 7 Gaming Mouse for PC and Mac

This will cause the color to change to any color you pick and independant of the other if you want when the inset buttons are pressed. I found it to be a pain in the ass and if not for the color change i would not have know id pressed them. Also you can not disable these inset buttons.

Madcats have said that they may change this in a future update and perhaps allow those inset buttons to be programbable as right now they can only serve that one function. Well thats it for now. Quick rundown of what i thought was important. There is more There is alot of info on the mouse that does a much better job of explaining it all than i can so go google it if yo want. The mouse feels good Ill update this once i game with it.

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I used one of these at release, loved the feel of it but the deal breaker for me and from what I see still is was the bloody thing just stops working, a known issue they say!! I dunno how you use the pinky rest. I find that thing insanely uncomfortable. We need more buttons!!!

Mad Catz R.A.T.7 Mouse - Matte Black (Mac/PC)

Okay Okay can't wait Okay can't wait don't really know what else to say except for don't forget the pics! My Rat MMO7 arrived today. Very cool mouse The box says 50 of them but not sure about that. Its heavy, more so than the rat 7. Feels very solid and not like a toy at all. Ive only had a chance to use it for an hour or so and no gaming yet but with some luck ill get some bf3 in a put it through its paces.

Ill post some pics later on with a quick review and comparison to the rat 7 and my old MS sidewinder x8. So here is a quick follow up to my original post Let me start by saying that the Rat 7 is an amazing piece of hardware. A very solid mouse, build like a tank actually. You can be told that its customizable but until you have one in your hands you cant fully appreciatethe full range of modding you can do to it, its like your own batmobile. If you could strap a lamborghini to yourfingertips you would be coming close to how good this mouse feels in your hand.

The whole mouse has that tactical grip coating and the mouse never felt slippy. I left the full weights in mine cause I like a heavy mouse and if you were to swing this thing by the cord and hit someone in the head your most likely kill them.

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I did take the weights out to play with them and stuff but still prefer them all in the mouse. The palm rests are all very comfortable and I tried each of them out but prefer the one that has the most rise to it but the rubber backed one was very nice also I also kept the mouse to its fullest length.

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If your going to use this mouse I would highly recommend the pinky rest attachment, its heaven for your pinky. The ability to angle the thumb attachment outwards and back and forth made the thumb buttons easier to press but the two along the top still required that you roll your thumb to press no matter what position it was in.

Button presses were firm but not hard to press and came with a satisfying click each time. Bonus braided cord also, looks nice. This mouse slides across my Razer Vespula mouse pad like it was riding on a cushion of air. I did have some issues with tracking with this mouse, specifically tracking to the left.

Its a known issue for these Rat 7 mouse and this one was no different. It did not happen often but it was most frustrating when it did. Perhaps my mouse pad was dirty or it was the overly sensitive laser. For the odd time it happened I could forgive it and if not for the MMO7 version that was just released and I put on preorder the same day I bought this one I would not have returned it but kept it instead. The tracking issue did not happen often, perhaps three times the whole week and a bit I used it. I'm really looking forward to the new Rat M.

I know that the mouse is for mmo games but with the way the new fps games are you need more buttons than just the scroll wheel and a couple of side buttons.

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  • BF3 just for your weapons and gadgets youneed half a dozen buttons in order not to have to use the keyboard to accessthe full assortment. I'm not a mmoplayer and I don't care that the mouse is gear towards the group. I'm going to use it for fps mostly and assign the buttons I need to the most comfy ones for my had and not use theothers. There is so many buttons on themmo7 you can pick a whole section of the mouse and dedicate it to just onething With my new Belkinn52te speedpad and this mouse I'm going to never have to lift a hand from its resting spot.

    I'm thinking that ill have all weapons assigned to the mouse and all vehicle commands and basic character movement to the Belkin Speedpad. I'm now back to using my old Microsoft X8 sidewinder andalthough its familiar to me its feels second rate now. The thing feels like a brick sliding in apile of sand when moving it across my mousepad, a little loose in the buttonsand all round old. As much as it sucked returning my Rat7 I did not see the point in owning two of these fine mouse..

    I thought of every reason to keep the rat7 and almost talked myself into it a few times but today Ipulled out the box put it inside and drove up to future shop to drop itoff. I would have been very easy to keepit, very easy but who needs two overhundred dollar mice. I've checked on mypreorder and its be processed now but waiting to be shipped still. When I called they had said that I'm waitingon the next factory shipment so I could be awhile yet.

    I've got the standard belkin n52 and like it except for that the keys are awkward and not angled right. I've read this has been much improved with the current Razer version of it so I plan on picking one of those up before too long. Thanks TJ, good review.

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    • I called about my delays on the mouse and they had said that they are waiting on the next shipment from the factory to arrive, because i was late in the preorders last week lol that i could be a ways down the list : Ill be returning this mouse soon and have to slum it with the old MS sidewinder X8 untill mine arrives. Here is a link for those looking at this mouse full of pics but alittle light on the review side of things The gamepad btw is fantastic, much more responsive than my keyboard g15 rev.

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