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Group FaceTime was included in early versions of the macOS Mojave beta, but its removal in later versions has many believing there may be some problems with the group version of FaceTime. Seems those rumors about Group FaceTime not performing well when a large number of chatters were participating were true. Apple has said the Group FaceTime won't be included in the macOS Mojave release but would roll out for all users later in the fall. If you're anxious to use Group FaceTime, you will have to wait for a macOS system update expected sometime before the and of the year.

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That's really all we know about this new Mac and it has us scratching our heads about which product lineup the model will be inserted into. The current MacBook Air is the least expensive portable Mac and has not seen any meaningful updates for a few years. The current MacBook Air uses a It could fit in either product line, though Apple may like the idea of product consolidation and the elimination of the MacBook Air product replaced by a new low-cost addition to the MacBook lineup.

Stay tuned to find out. Aside from Apple mentioning in a interview that the Mac mini remains an important product, there has not been much buzz about a new mini coming our way. That is unless you believe Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities who publish an investors note in mid-summer suggesting Apple will be updating most of the Mac lineup before the end of the year.

The rumor suggests this will be a minor mini update, possibly a current generation processor, and dedicated graphics. Thunderbolt 3 would be featured along with USB 3.

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Expect only minor cosmetic changes with the mini using the same form factor. The big news for the iMac will be an increase in graphics performance. Don't expect a performance gain as seen in the iMac Pro, depending on the configuration the fastest Mac you can buy. But a nice upgrade in performance never the less. A new Mac Pro was announced for release in though that has been pushed back to sometime in and except for a statement from Phil Schiller that, "We want to architect it so that we can keep it fresh with regular improvements, and we're committed to making it our highest-end, high-throughput desktop system designed for demanding customers.

But what's really needed for a new Mac Pro is better thermal management which will allow for easier updates and more PCIe lanes. The current version has a total of 40 PCIe 3.

Today the Mac mini is about flexibility and filling niches. This update allows it to span a wide range from basic server needs all the way up to high-end applications that require a great deal of processor power, fast storage, ultra-fast networking, and even beyond via Thunderbolt 3. The high-end configurations might actually provide enough power for people to consider them over buying the Mac Pro, whenever it comes out. The big story to me is how incredibly fast this thing is. Granted, I'm testing the fastest CPU offered, but damn.

Geekbench results are very strong.

The i7 Mac Mini scored better on single-core performance than every other Mac today! For many pros, it may be hamstrung by Intel's integrated graphics processor.

New Mac Mini 2014 Rumor Roundup: Release Date, Design & Specs

I'm not saying it needs a powerful gaming or rendering GPU. A Kaby Lake G CPU, for example, would be a nice alternative to the i3 simply to make the system low-end VR ready, to take some of the video decoding burden or to help reduce overhead in audio production. Apple really seems to be betting on external GPUs as a solution for much of its graphics woes.

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But one of the benefits of the Mini is that it's mini. Having to make space for a big eGPU just for better-than-basic graphics acceleration kind of defeats the purpose of a tiny system, especially when you're likely going to be hanging a multitude of external drives and other accessories off it as well. Even the lowest-speced version should be plenty fine for most tasks. I've shifted my standard tech blogger work flow over the machine for the last couple of days and am perfectly happy with the results.

On the other hand, if your workload requires anything processor or graphics intensive, you're going to want to pimp this thing out -- or seriously consider picking up a desktop with the word "Pro" in the name. This would've sounded crazy to spend on a Mac Mini a few years ago, but when it's specced up like this, it's targeting a much higher-end market than the previous model could. Compared to similarly specced iMacs and MacBook Pros, the pricing is generally reasonable.

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  • While it's true that the components are pricier this time, it's hard to shake the feeling that the company has priced out the true entry-level user this time out, in favor of offering a product that's more of a gateway into the Pro ecosystem. With the update, Apple didn't change the design of the Mac mini, but it does come in a new color: Space Gray.

    Space Gray is now the only Mac mini option, with no Silver choice available. The Mac mini has always been Apple's smallest, most portable desktop machine and that hasn't changed in The Mac mini continues to feature a small, square-shaped enclosure that measures in at 7. Apple's Mac mini weighs in at just 2. The Mac mini, unlike Apple's other Macs, does not ship with a display, keyboard, or mouse, so it is ideal for those who want to supply their own accessories. One side of the Mac mini features a host of ports, while the other features an LED that lets you know when it's on. There's an Apple logo at the top of the device, and other than the Apple logo and port labels, there are no other markings on the visible portion of the machine.

    Though the exterior of the Mac mini is unchanged, Apple has redesigned the interior with an all new thermal architecture to accommodate higher-powered 8th-generation chips and all-flash storage. It features a bigger internal fan with twice as much airflow, expanded vents, and a revamped power supply that offers 70 percent more maximum sustained power.

    Apple has outfitted the Mac mini with a whole host of ports, allowing it to be used with multiple peripherals at once.

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    It doesn't quite measure up to the iMac Pro when it comes to the number of ports available, but it's not far off. The Mac mini's RAM can be replaced, but it's not an easy process. The storage and the CPU of the Mac mini are soldered in place and cannot be upgraded or replaced.

    The entry-level base model ships with a 3. A higher-end 3. Benchmarks of the high-end 6-core 3. High-end Mac mini single-core Geekbench score compared to other Macs. The high-end Mac mini features a single-core Geekbench score of , and a multi-core score of High-end Mac mini multicore-core Geekbench score compared to other Macs.

    Apple Mac mini review

    The base-level model's performance is on par with lower-end MacBook Pro models, earning a single-core score of and a multi-core score of The middle-tier 6-core Mac mini with 3. Apple says the new Mac mini is up to five times faster than the previous-generation model, last updated in The Mac mini can, however, be used with eGPU setups when additional graphics power is required. Like the iMac Pro, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air, the Mac mini is equipped with a custom Apple-designed T2 chip, which integrates components like the system management controller, image signal processor for the camera, audio control, SSD controller, a Secure Enclave, and a hardware encryption engine.

    Apple's T2 chip makes sure all of the data on the SSD is encrypted using dedicated AES hardware, and it ensures a secure boot to make sure your software isn't tampered with and only OS software trusted by Apple loads at startup. All Mac mini machines now feature PCIe-based storage, with no traditional hard drives available. The SSDs in the Mac mini offer four times faster read speeds up to 3.

    The Mac mini supports The Mac mini can be purchased from the Apple online store and Apple retail locations around the world. As of January , Apple is selling discounted Mac mini models in its refurbished store.

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