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More Advanced WiFi Troubleshooting Tips

Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Apple Music Speciality level out of ten: No Internet Connection Every time I boot up my new MacBook Pro, it comes up with an alert saying "No internet connection", and despite my strong wi-fi connection, the internet connection doesn't work More Less. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Linc Davis Linc Davis.

Notebooks Speciality level out of ten: Back up all data before making any changes.

Step 1. If you're running OS X The program also generates a large file of information about your system, which would be used by Apple Engineering in case of a support incident. Don't post the contents here. Step 3 If you're not using a wireless keyboard or trackpad, disable Bluetooth by selecting Turn Bluetooth Off from the menu with the Bluetooth icon. If the application called "Bluetooth Setup Assistant" is running, quit it. Triple-click the line below on this page to select it: Step 5 Make a "Genius" appointment at an Apple Store, or go to another authorized service center.

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Basic WiFi Troubleshooting

Loading page content. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Unplug it from the wall. Wait for few minuets. Power off the router. Wait a while. Connect the router back to to the wall. However, I have no problem with most sites, including other Google services like Calendar, Gmail, etc.

Fix #1: Add a New Network Location & Renew DHCP

This is driving me nuts! Other computers in the office: Only my MBP Retina. I have tried several of the fixes in the above posts, but nothing. Lion, I hope somone can help me please, I have looked through forums and found nothing so far: Should have left it alone but then after M. Lion came out, downloaded it.

WiFi Dropping in OS X Lion? Here are Some Wireless Troubleshooting Solutions

Watching the highlighter crawl slowly in the IP address bar just to open a website is really too much for the money spent. The person at the Mac store said I should have downloaded the new Flashplayer drive. True, he did, checked the system, etc. The super fast router modem from Comcast, so I do not know what it is.

Fix OS X Mountain Lion Wireless Connection Problems

I am not a super techi so simple instructions would be really appreciated, if anyone can help me. This might work good so far: Also, NB: The only thing that did end up working was to hack the kernel extension by replacing it with the Snow Leopard version. The easiest way to do this I found was a packaged app that can be found here: You download, double click on the app, and it runs the script for you in the terminal window to swap our your Lion wifi driver with the Snow Leopard version.

I fixed this problem by logging into my router and changing my My internet never drops now and my connection seems much faster. My internet connection was dropping every five minutes after upgrading to Mountain Lion I fixed the problem by manually changing the dns setting to a global dns of my provider on the Network Preferences, advanced tab. It was previously pointing to my dsl router which works for normal internet and mail but not to the app store… strange.

What i did was… i went to router configuration setting and changed some settings under wifi setting. But make sure there are no numbers in in your network password. This was the second time it happened to me! My internet was slow, dropping, just terrible! I did some fix stuff, and it worked for a while. Now I moved to a new house with different provider…and problem returned!

I just did most of the fixes suggested above, and connection seems to be holding. I own a MBA, just a month old. Updated to ML Nothing worked. At last, bought a brand new router, N, and my wifi is working perfectly. My old router was G. Maybe this is all a big deal between Apple and Cisco. I upgraded to Mountain Lion a few months ago, Wi-Fi was working fine then until the last few weeks as the connection kept dropping out and shorter and shorter spurts of connection to now where it wont connect at all.

I suspect the latest upgrade to mountain lion has screwed with the settings. If the router wont play with the iMac do people recommend the Airport Express as a new router? Might be easier to control a device that I can access through my OS devices. My wifi problem on Mountain Lion is different. Repairing Disk Permissions always fixes the problem. What could be wrong? I have the same with a mid Running network diagnostic fixes it for a few minutes but it eventually fails at the ISP again. Neither of these have completely fixed the issue.

I know this sounds like it is because of the location but everything worked fine until mountain lion. Only the OS has changed. None of the solutions worked for me. The solution which works for me is: This is not a fine solution but it does stop Wi-Fi from going to sleep. Hi all, first of all, than you for you help. This is not a fix not even a workaround the point is I was able to get my mac to connect to my home wifi only by changing some parameters on the router the band it uses. I bought this Mac one week ago.. I will do all I can to take this to Apple, because as I understand this is a well know issue, they should just not sell the damn thing.

Wifi connectivity is not a fancy capability.. Not great. What a pain. I changed the radio channel in the wireless option via airport utility to automatic. Hope it works. Sounded like a good solution to try. Very aggravating issue since the ML upgrade. Our older mac mini and powerbook are fine after the upgrade.

How To Get Internet Sharing To Work On Mountain Lion (Mac) OSX

Spoke with a very helpful technician and we reset the router using a paper clip on the reverse side to where lights are located. He then set up the primary wireless network, that our main Windows PC, Ipad Mini, all phones are able to connect to with no problem. He then set up a separate guest network which my MacBook Air is now connected to.

Internet performance is back to normal and so far running smoothly and quickly as expected. I will be testing over the next few days of course, praying this is the fix! Apple need to take note of this and get it sorted ASAP as there are clearly many unhappy customers out there experiencing this issue.

Anyway, rant over, if you are with Virgin, try setting up a guest network and connecting your MBA to that. If you are not so technically minded, dial from your handset and a technician should be able to help you! I tried all the tips imaginable. The only solution was to set the channel on the wireless router on channel It seems to me, the Mountain Lion has a problem when the channel the router is in automatic, then every time the channel is changed, the connection of the wifi card of Macbook drops.

I hope that helps. I had the same problems, brand new machine with Mountain Lion and the Wifi continuously dropping out. I renewed DHCP lease a million times, but t got progressively worse. Thanks very much! Thank you very much! I was having trouble with my MacBook Pro , running mountain lion where the connectoin would drop every 2 minutes. This solution seems to have the issue fixed. I tried all the easy stuff above — no help. What did work was unchecking Ask to Join New Networks.

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This suggestion, nice it is to have, unfortunately does not fix the real problem.

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