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This frost-filled high-octane adventure game requires expert tactical driving skills to cope with the grueling demands of these hazardous wintry conditions. Time to get moving.

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Have fun! You are the green car. Your mission is to win the race and unlock the next tracks. Then you can go on to test your skills in even more demanding situations! OK, race-time! Now, you really are on thin ice — your competitors have a bad attitude towards you and will do anything to knock you out of the race!

Cool Racing Car Game Online - Winter Race

You need to beat them to the finish line by any means necessary! You can try and block or push them out of the way if you like - anything goes in this extreme ice race. Along with stunning locations and compelling characters to interact with, these features combine to provide the most complete and thrilling F1 experience ever to come to macOS.

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Create your unique footballing story by taking charge of the club you love. Complete control of this stunningly realistic game world is yours - every decision in your hands, or yours to delegate. Your call, your way, your story. Everything you've ever dreamed of.

F1 2017 OS X Racing Simulator Macbook iMac

Sign free agents, trade players, draft the next crop of superstars, and much more! With a realistic physics system and great simple graphics, you and up to four players can golf all holes for countless hours. Everything in a real game of golf is included, such as water hazards, sand traps, trees, bushes, wind, four seasons, different time of days to play, and a driving range.

Other great features include both an internet and individual high score list, game saving, great music. This means your computer will run the game, but is not able to get the best out of it in terms of performance, graphics and stability. All rights reserved.


All other copyrights or trade marks are the property of their respective owners and are being used under license. Originally developed and published by Codemasters.

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Have tried two different ISPs and same…. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue with the App Store installation process. If you are still having problems, please contact us directly via support feralinteractive.

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Thanks, Feral Support. Simply delete the game from your applications whilst the app store is open, it will promot you that you can download it at any time but are you sure you want to delete the app. Delete it, restart the app store, go to purchases, and hit download. I am getting stuck on the loading screen.

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free f1 games for mac Free f1 games for mac
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free f1 games for mac Free f1 games for mac

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