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My husband want it to be a beautiful house full of joy and wonder so he chose pink to paint it. Do you like pink, Oanh? And best of all, it will never get dirty so we do not have to spend time just to clean up the mess. In our house, there is not very a lot of furniture but I think that everything is harmonious with other things.

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My husband want to decorate it more before the party and I will help him. Don't forget to come here this weekend, Oanh. Don't worry about me. I am fine. Pass my greetings to yours parents. Now I'm in my summer holiday so that I have a lot of time to do what I want. It was such an interesting experience that I could see that film in 3D.

Everything seemed to real. I was also moved by the content of the film.

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It is an epic romantic disaster film. It is fictionalized based on the account of the sinking of the Titanic. Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet stars in this film as members of different social classes who fall in love abroad the ship during its ill — fated maiden voyage. It's a little bit silly when I cried a lots in the end of film, because the female actor was dead. It's worth watching so you should see film soon. Let me know your feeling when seeing this film. I was very happy after receiving your letter.

Thanks for your praise.

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Are you putting on weight? Don't worry. I will help you not only to lose weight but also to have a fit and healthy body. I think the first you had better avoid foods high in fats like cookies, fries,.. You also try to limit amount of animal protein consume. I really little eat meat. I eat a lot of vegetables, fresh fruit which are full of fiber and vitamin and drink enough water daily. The second effective measure is to do exercise frequently. You can walk or jog in the morning or afternoon everyday.

Moreover, playing sports is also very good for health, especially it is very efficient to lose weight. In addition, you can join some clubs for examples as dance sport or aerobic clubs. If you want to have a fit and healthy body, you should have regular daily routine.

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I think losing weight will be difficult if you use suitable measures. I hope that these experience are helpful for you.

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Exercise 9: I know you've just come back from holiday. Tell me about the holiday and whether you enjoyed it. I have just come back home from Hue. In this trip, I went to by train because it is cheap and safe. That was a really interesting trip. Hue is known for its beautiful imperial architecture and wonderful natural beauty, especially the length of history of Nguyen dynasty.

I think that Hue is the only city in Vietnam that still has restored historic beauties with of walls, places, and royal tombs. Everything in Hue city make me impressed and surprised. Perfume rives is very poetic and peaceful. It always make me feel comfortable and relaxing.

In this trip, my father and I were on a boat in this river to listen to hue songs every night. The melody of Hue songs is always very special. I love Hue songs very much. The trips lasted 2 days. In the first day, we went to visit Tu Duc tombs.

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It is a large and bulky structure. We spent all day to discover this historical Structure. There are a lot of famous tomb in Hue but because os limited time we only visited Tu Duc tombs. The following day, we came to Thien Mu pagoda. This pagoda was built in the 14th century and is placed on Ha Khe hillock area near the perfume river. It is also known as Linh Mu pagoda. This is one of the most beautiful and acient architectural structures for reverence in Hue. After that, we went around the city by cyclo and enjoined some special food of hue.

I had a lot of memories in this trip and I hope I will have more times to visit Hue in the future. And you? Have you ever visited Hue city? Let me about your impression about Hue. Exercise I know you often sports at weekends, what's your favorite sport? Tell me about it.

I'm glad to know that you and your family are always healthy and happy. Now I feel healthier and more comfortable, too. I think that is the result of doing exercise frequently. Clicking on the form title i.


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Blood Pressure will cause the details to display on the right-hand side. Finish Later will save your work and allow you to finish the form later. Submit sends the form with your data to the clinic.

Account Tab On the Account tab, you can change the information in your Portal profile, and you can give family members access to your Patient Portal. My Profile In the My Profile section of the Account tab, you can change your Portal username and password, your contact information, and your preferred language, location, and time zone. Click the check box to remove the check; click again if you want to add it back. There are two ways to provide access to your Patient Portal: You can create a new user, or you can grant access to someone who already has a Patient Portal account with the clinic where you have your Patient Portal account.

Both options are explained below. If you create a new user account for someone, you must give that person the link to the Patient Portal login page, along with the username and password for the account that you created for them.

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When the person enters the username and password in the login page for the Patient Portal, your Portal will be displayed, and they will be able to see all of your health records and messages. If you want the account to be disabled after a certain amount of time, enter an expiration date this is optional. You can grant access to someone only if that person already has a Patient Portal account with the same clinic where you have your Patient Portal account. When you grant access to someone, they will be able to access your Portal information from within their Portal.

The next time they log in to their Portal, they will see your name on the Family tab in their Portal - and if they click the SWITCH button next to your name, your health records and messages will be shown on the Health and Messages tabs in their Portal. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Chao bac si. Con em gan hai thang. Be hien gio van an sua bang ong vi pham xa nuot khong tot. Hon nua bac si kham noi be bi truong luc co, tay chan hoi gong va co cung.

nhung cau thu mac ao so 8 Nhung cau thu mac ao so 8
nhung cau thu mac ao so 8 Nhung cau thu mac ao so 8
nhung cau thu mac ao so 8 Nhung cau thu mac ao so 8
nhung cau thu mac ao so 8 Nhung cau thu mac ao so 8
nhung cau thu mac ao so 8 Nhung cau thu mac ao so 8

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