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Have fun! Paul The Tall. I have updated the cross tie so it installs properly now for the disk version. Since it is working I vetted the tips and tricks section for the installation instructions. After the Patches have been added to the database being validated at the moment I will add the patches to the crosstie and we will have a CD less installation of Age 3. Tried to run it as unsupported, but run into PID problems. Do NOT install from the Crosstie, it's too old and doesn't work anymore. Install Steam on a new Bottle using the Steam Crosstie.

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Then go into Manage Bottles Clic on the Libraries tab, and add 2 overrides: dsound native, built in and l3codecx. All those solve the DirectX reinstall issue, the blank error window issue, the sound issue, the video playback issue and the cd key dll issue. Anyone know how to run and install Age of Empires 3 and its expansions using crossover? I just get the DLL Generator message and cannot go any further. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

At that point I got the opening videos, then the main menu. But no mouse control on the main menu I could see the pointer but it didn't move. I fixed that by switching to another Mac program and then back.

Age of Empires III

Update The Asian Dynasties latest version: 1. Install mod and run the patcher to update run as administrator The patcher from version 5. I have a little problem When I run the game, it asks me for a CD-Key. If I type it and accept, the game runs normally, but the next time I try to run the game, it asks me again for the CD-Key. I had this problem before, and I could solve it by adding a registry entry, but now I try to do the same and nothing changes! D: So Btw, I have Windows 7 x Thanks in advance. Is it for The Asian Dynasties?

Just google some keys and try them until one works.

A Classic Game Revisited: Age of Empires

The problem is not the key. The problem is that the game asks for it anytime I try to play it. I can enter the key anytime I want to play it, but it turns annoying. Ok I figured out what was happening. So, when I tried to run the game and it asked for the key, it couldn't save it in the registry, cause it had no admin rights to save it there and then, everytime I would have tried to play the game, it would have kept asking for a key.

How far along is Age of Empires 4's development?

From my understanding, the mod makes both unlimited. Any idea on why just these two features of the mod aren't working? Second, MrUger Cine esti si de ce imi folosesti semnatura la nume! I downloaded the 5. There was no town center and my explorer was invisible. Any ideas? When did that get released? I thought 5. If you can't make the mod work then delete everything and don't re-install it.

I could have tried to actually help you but the instructions are so simple and clear I'm simply too tired to do it again. Sorry, meant 5. And I did follow the instructions. It says improvement mod when I open the game, I just can't see half of my stuff. Aaaand I already feel sorry for my response. The most important thing is to install 5.

That is simply all, follow the instructions and it will work, there is no way around it. You're not the first to say the mod doesn't work, and I sually respond to such cases which don't fix themselves with this: add me on Skype or Steam and let me make it work with Team Viewer. So you see, I have my reasons to act like an asshole whenever someone says the mod doesn't work. My IDs are "mandos-rex" on Skype and "mandosrex" on Steam. Everything works, except for outpost and fort wagon in WC campaign, first mission I just started, so I dunno if this bug is in another missions too.

Wagon can't build nothing, just moving and get killed. In case you're wondering, these cards will get proper use once you start playing as the americans a little later in the campaign. Ok, I am now in the third mission I guess, mission with defending redoubt on a island , and picture of resources are mixed, population is gold, wood is food, etc.

Should I be expecting some other bugs? Seriously, that again? Read anywhere on the blog and you'll see this: If you have problems with the UI not displaying resources correctly go to "Options" and press the "Restore Defaults" button!

“The least-worst idea we had”—The creation of the Age of Empires empire | Ars Technica

Why doesn't anyone read it! In AD campaign, if I choose in consulate Dutch, I will receive only one unit named for example "military shipment" instead of 10 soldiers etc. Same with free units from Dojo, only one soldier unable to fight stuck in animation of dying. Hm, this again.

Age of Empires 4 release date: likely in 2020 or later

I don't know why these TAD consulate campaign bugs appear, it makes no sense. I'll look over it. But if you have windows XP, how do i install the mod? You install it the exact same way If you can't run it as admin on XP then don't. If the patcher keeps loading without giving any error then its all good, it means its working, it can work really slow depending on internet speed sometimes.

This mod is awesome! I had the 5. The mod is getting better but with the 5. Every time when in game within 10 seconds the game goes out of sync.


The connection speed is good and never had trouble with it before. The connection runs true cat 5e cable's and a 1gb switch. The tool provided wont work. I used a cracked version but note that on 5. Do you have any idea? And what should I do? Yes, for some unknown reason after installing the mod Warchiefs and AoE3 vanilla give that error if you try to run them. But since Asian Dynasties has everything the previous 2 have and even more it shouldn't be a problem. Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you tell me how can I play TWC with improvement mod without error,please? I could but I won't. I have no idea, I've been trying to fix it for ages. I might have moved them but I'm not sure. Could you make the game have a launcher like Napoleonic wars, so the game is separate from the original Age of Empires, so it does not mod the original Age of Empires?

You will understand what I mean if you look at how the Napoleonic mod works. I know what you are talking about, but you need to understand that Napoleonic Era has an entire team behind it, full with people of many different skills and resources.

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I am all alone and do not have the required knowledge to do what they did, at least not easily. I'd love it if my mod was perfect but there's only so much one man can do alone with limited knowledge and for free. So, I have the problem that I can't uninstall the mod, so i tried to manually do it.

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