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For those after an application that blurs the line between DJing, live performance and production, Ableton Live is unbeatable. Read our Ableton Live Suite 8 review. Its two biggest selling points are its open nature - meaning it supports a huge range of DJ controllers and digital vinyl system - and the fact it can run as a VST within a host DAW. The downside is that it only features two decks, as opposed to four like Traktor and Serato. It's relatively basic and light on advanced features, but it certainly gets the job done.

Excellent free open source DJing software

What's more, the features it does pack are all of a high quality; its auto beat matching is excellent, the effects sound good and it includes a neat little sample player. It also supports a wide range of hardware controllers, which is a big plus. Current page: Page 1.

Back to School It is proven to be one of the fastest sound engines available today.

Beyond that, the app is equipped with the automatic BPM which blends perfectly with the inbuilt sound effects. Make sure you remove these and run an adware removal tool after installing.

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This technology does not alter your sound files, it just analyses them to find the beats. That way it can perform fully automatic quality DJ mixes. You just have to fill your playlist and you are all set. You can optionally edit the mix position and length, listen to it in your headphones in case you want to do some further tweaks on the fly. These include echo, flanger and wah. Furthermore, you get three memory banks per deck for holding cue points and loops, as well as three sample slots per deck for one-shot effects.

Other handy features include auto loop and automix, real-time EQ and auto deck sync based on tempo, with auto beat detection. The concept of YOU. DJ might seem a bit unconventional and innovative at first, but once you open it in your browser, everything falls into place. All you have to do is visit www.

There are plenty of songs pre-loaded within this cloud-based DJ software, but you can also search for titles on SoundCloud and even YouTube with the provided search tool in the browser on the left. Furthermore, you can explore multiple genres or organize your tracks by creating custom playlists on the fly. You will be surprised by the plethora of functionality and features available on board, especially when you consider that this is a cloud-based software after all.

CuteDJ PRO is a relatively new DJ software application for mixing that allows you to play your digital music collection and control it using the software or a hardware controller. During this period you can run CuteDJ for 20 minutes per session and restart the software again after 20 minutes. The top half of the screen is where you mix and control your music and the bottom half of the screen is the audio library. CuteDJ gives you the ability to mix audio, video and even karaoke files. This article features some of the best free software applications that you can download instantly and play around with.

Hence, it is ideal for both professionals and amateurs. Apart from this, we also have other features that come in handy. These features include auto loop and auto-mix, auto deck sync based on tempo, real-time EQ, and auto beat detection. It also comes with a music library that you can control via your PCs keyboard. It is only compatible with windows.

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The interface is very modern and is pleasant to the eye, unlike some DJ software. DJ is not your conventional DJ software. DJ solves all those problems. All you have to do is log into their website, and you will have all the features only a click away. You can start mixing your clips. This only makes your task times easier. This can be done via the in-built search bar that is provided with the website. This application is ideal for DJs who want to explore different genres of music.

If you want to create playlists on the fly and want something to experiment with, this is the right application for you.


The functionality, efficiency, and the performance will leave you stunned, considering it is a cloud-based software. The best part is, you can use it anywhere and anytime you want. Blaze free DJ is a DJ software specifically designed for windows. It is a take on MAC like software for windows. We usually see MAC software are more sophisticated and have better controls, which are why this free software has been constructed keeping MAC software in mind. One of that the innovations programmers have done is the integration of online playlists.

This integration not only helps in creating better and more creative playlists, but it also helps in doing the task quickly. It is an ideal DJ software for amateurs and professionals alike. The sound engine is a low battery latency system and is based on ASIO. The software comes with a spectrum colored waveform that is re-enabled. Moreover, it has spectacular synchronization ability. Apart from this, the blaze has timecode support, which is the same that is used for specialized vinyl playback.

In short, it embraces all the core essential DJ functionalities. We also have an onboard effects selection list. One of the downsides of this free software is, it closes after every 30 minutes.

V-CASE: Expect More. Play More.

Thus, in case you are performing somewhere, you need to keep the timing in mind and reopen it after it closes. This is another online platform that you can use for mixing and DJing without straining your computer hardware. Who needs to install DJ software when you can easily find them online? Most professional DJs think relying on an online platform is foolish, but once you start using this application, you will not find it foolish at all. If you have a not very up to date PC, you would know how long it typically takes to load a DJ software.

However, if you log onto your party cloud online DJ app, you will notice how fast it loads and how smoothly it works. The tunes are analyzed quickly, and the key lock algorithm is out of the world.

Cross DJ Software - Free Download

Filtering out is also very easy and is not at all an issue, unlike other software. Can you imagine doing all this only in your browser?

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The best part is, this software can remember all your favorites. You can log into it using your Facebook account, and it will remember all your preferences. Using this online application, you can even share all your creation son Facebook as well. Zulu is a comparatively series and more professional DJ software which is ideal for beginners that want to make a career out of their music and mixing experience. Users can create complete playlists of their own and try their hand at being a professional DJ. The controls are crystal clear, and within one hour of software exploration, anyone with basic knowledge can get the hang of them.

Hence, starting with this software do not have any kind of complications. However, a few typical DJ software features are missing from this application. One of the main missing features is manually hauling the soundwave. Hence, you cannot manually find the beat you want to start from.

You can start from the start of the track, but this disrupts the accuracy of your track and mixing. On the positive side, the software comes with support for a vast array of audio formats, which is why it is ideal for beginners who want to play around with mixing and creating tracks. This software can help you get the hands-on experience you require.

It has a drag-drop interface and also allows you to set your own hotkeys.

dj software for mac free download Dj software for mac free download
dj software for mac free download Dj software for mac free download
dj software for mac free download Dj software for mac free download
dj software for mac free download Dj software for mac free download
dj software for mac free download Dj software for mac free download
dj software for mac free download Dj software for mac free download
dj software for mac free download Dj software for mac free download

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