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A rich benefactor is considering giving money to a charity, and visits Foster's to see if it is worthy. Herriman gets Mac and Bloo to keep Coco out of the way, but in the end, it is only when the benefactor mistakes Coco as Mr. Herriman's wife that he considers Foster's, and invites them to his mansion where he will decide which charity gets the money. Herriman then tries to teach Coco to be sophisticated, while Mac and Frankie teach Bloo sarcasm, since he does not understand that Mr.

Herriman was being sarcastic when he and Mac were promised jet cars. Eduardo runs away from the home to prove that he is not a coward. Meanwhile, Terrence is looking for an imaginary friend to compete in the Extreme-O-Saur Battle, and he comes across Eduardo. While Mac, Bloo, Wilt, and Coco search for Eduardo, Terrence uses him to fight against huge imaginary friends at the junkyard.

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Paul O'Flanagan and Chris Savino. Richie Wildebrat, a kid at Mac's school, keeps bragging about his imaginary friend, Blake Superior and how they will win the imaginary friend talent show pageant. Mac wants to beat him so it can end Richie's bragging, so he asks Bloo to enter the pageant, but Bloo does not want to. Bloo gets the hiccups, which Blake says is ridiculous, so Bloo decides to enter. Mac and Bloo ask Mr. Herriman to go camping. He refuses to let them go, but Madame Foster thinks it is a great idea.

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After they arrive, Bloo has eaten all the food. Herriman then sets off into the woods in search for more food, and then meets wild bunnies. Meanwhile, back at camp, the rest of the group meets some trouble: Madame Foster fights a bear, Wilt gets stuck in quicksand, Coco goes fishing, and Mac, Bloo and Eduardo are lost in the woods. Goofball John McGee comes to Foster's and makes a total nuisance of himself.

Frankie thinks he is a teenage kid passing himself off as an imaginary friend, who always needs help with homework and washing his jerseys, and eats all the food that Frankie buys from the store, but everyone else believes otherwise, leaving Frankie determined to prove he is a fraud.

Adam Pava and Amy Keating Rogers. Foster's is finally able to get rid of Duchess when she is adopted. However, the family that adopted her turns out to be Mac's neighbors and her complaining gets to be too much for Mac's mother to handle. Terrence tells Mac that she is thinking about moving to Singapore which Terrence thinks is in Wisconsin. Mac and Bloo attempt to frame Duchess by wrecking up her owner's home, but this only makes them love her more. They decide that they must bring her back to Foster's, but are prevented from doing so when Terrence warns of their arrival. In the end however, Terrence's plan fails when the Foster's residents learn about Mac moving and agree to take Duchess back.

Mac wins a sweepstakes and receives tickets to Europe, but when the gang tries to pack at the last second, everyone has delays that make them later and later. Frankie is making sure that Madame Foster can take care of the house while everyone is gone, though all she wants to do is break the rules, which is tempting to Bloo. Mac falls on a girl named Goo when trying to get a bobsled out of a tree, and she begins visiting Mac every day at Foster's.

With her hyperactive imagination, she creates a new friend one after another, which causes a big problem for the other imaginary friends in the house. After she creates so many imaginary friends that it crowds the whole house, the others have to sleep in the Foster's bus and feel that Mac is responsible for Goo's continuous visits. Herriman's carrot addiction leads him to blame Coco for stealing the carrots that were to be used for dinner that night, though it was him who hid them around the house.

With no carrots left, the only thing left for dinner is to make "It," a dish that Frankie has never been able to make it. When Bloo learns what "It" is a mixture of vomit, slop and mucus , he is determined not to eat it. Herriman meanwhile is punishing everyone who comes near his hidden carrots, and sending them to their rooms with no supper. Bloo decides to do all of the bad things he can think of to escape eating "It" by getting sent to his room, but Mr.

Herriman is so busy punishing everyone else, that every time Bloo tries to get in trouble, Mr. Herriman overlooks him, blaming everybody but him, and chaos ensues. When Eduardo gets fleas from his puppy, he becomes discontent as the fleas are driving him mad. However, despite the way he feels, he decides to keep the fleas on him when he befriends them, though Frankie and Mr.

Herriman want none of it and they decide to go to drastic lengths to get the fleas removed. Meanwhile, Bloo wants to get some fleas of his own and he does anything possible in order to attempt to get Eduardo to share them. When various imaginary Santa Clauses are brought to Foster's, Mac begins to lose his faith in Santa's existence, so it is up to Bloo and the others to help restore Mac's faith in the old St. Bloo sends Wilt on a sleigh ride around the world and tries to get Eduardo to slide down the Foster's chimney, trying to prove that Santa is real, and in the process, costs Coco her job at the mall as Santa; Bloo learns that Mr.

Herriman is only giving one present to everyone which is part of the reason that he tries to prove Santa real , and in his selfishness tries to make Herriman hand out more presents, in a rather interesting way. Thus, his plan fails as he accidentally drives Mr. Herriman to throw away all the decorations and gifts. To make things worse, Wilt is lost, Eduardo is stuck, and Coco is mad at Mac. Everyone must find a jolly old man to save the day, or their holiday will be ruined.

Mac makes a home movie about Foster's Home for his school project, but Bloo edits it into a humorous film with flatulent sound effects. This leads him to be entered in the state student film festival.

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Everyone in Fosters is sick of Herriman's rules, so Frankie decides that she should run for president. Bloo also decides to run when it is stated that any resident of the house can be a candidate. After Bloo resigns, he helps Herriman by giving the house embarrassing and even untrue facts about Frankie. Frankie eventually wins, but Herriman is left without a job. When a recent adoption leaves a room at Foster's vacant, Bloo, Coco, Wilt, and Eduardo all fight over it, along with another friend named Peanut Butter.

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Everybody soon starts to make contests to see who will win the room, which leads Bloo to try to make contests that he can cheat at. When Mac takes his classmates on a field trip to Foster's, everybody loves Coco and Bloo wants all of the attention. After Coco lays eggs with imaginary friend trading cards, all of the friends start trading and collecting the cards. Bloo becomes obsessed, and tries to be the first to collect them all.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Robert Cullen and Robert Alvarez. When a large and dangerous imaginary friend starts destroying the city, a superhero friend named Imaginary Man comes to save the day, and Mac becomes his biggest fan. When Mac gets recruited as Imaginary Man's sidekick, however, he ditches Bloo and starts to forget about their friendship. The residents of Foster's prepare for the annual house photo. Meanwhile, Eduardo gets an "extreme makeover" from Duchess, Coco thinks that she needs to lose weight, Wilt has trouble being in the house photo without getting his head cut out of the frame, and Mac and Bloo search for an answer behind a strange photo taken of the friends many years ago.

Bloo wakes up to find the house completely deserted. With no Herriman or Frankie there to enforce the house rules, Mac and Bloo set out to cram as much fun and mischief into one day as they possibly can. Meanwhile, Bloo tries to settle a score of his own with Rivers' irritating grandson, Young Man Rivers. Bloo and the gang arrive at Mac's apartment for a slumber party that Mac did not plan. Mac tries desperately to keep his friends quiet before they wake up his mom and brother with their shenanigans.

Mac suspects that Bloo, along with the rest of the house, are planning him a surprise party. Mac, however, wants no part of it, since Bloo's surprise parties always humiliate him in some way, and he is determined to foil Bloo's plans by any means necessary. Meghan McCarthy and Lauren Faust. Neal Sternecky and Craig McCracken.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Episodes - Season 3

Bloo notices after a trip to the grocery store that Frankie has left the keys in the bus and decides to take Mac for a joyride in the Foster's bus. Wilt, Coco, and Goo promise to keep it a secret, much to Wilt's disconcern. Foster's is being put on the local news and Frankie wants everything perfect, but the only thing standing in her way is Cheese who keeps showing up at Foster's uninvited. In an attempt to keep him out, Mr. Herriman installs a security system. Unfortunately, due to misreading the instructions, everyone gets locked out of the house and nobody knows the password except for Cheese, who memorized the code as a song.

Darrick Bachman. Bloo is tired of Madam Foster getting all the glory for rescuing abandoned friends, so he sets up his own foster home - Bloo's Foster's Home for Imagainary Friends - in a cardboard box on the sidewalk. An imaginary pen resembling Abraham Lincoln is confiscated by Mac's teacher after she catches him helping his creator cheat on a history test.

Mac hatches a plan to rescue the friend - along with his au pair Moose - from the classroom closet, but the imaginary Honest Abe does not quite live up to his namesake when he cons Madam Foster and starts selling the friends for profit. When a thunderstorm knocks out the power at Foster's, the gang organizes a game of pretend. Goo - who pretends to be an international pop star - gets upset when the boys do not want to play with her, so she make-believes a gang of villains that will force them to listen to her imaginary concert.

In her sleep, Goo accidentally makes all her villains come alive. Now, she must finish the game to save her friends from her own creations. In this double-length special, it is time for the Five Year Creator Reunion Picnic, where imaginary friends' creators come to Foster's to see their former friends. One friend's creator, however, is missing: Wilt's. Wilt, believing that his creator is still mad at him for a past let-down, sets off on a cross-country journey to set things straight.

Meanwhile, Mac, Bloo, and Frankie, along with Eduardo and his creator Officer Nina Valerosa and Coco and the two scientists who discovered her, set out to find Wilt and bring him back home. Mac and the other friends start a car wash to pay for a porcelain poodle that Bloo broke. To help, Bloo throws mud at every car that goes by to get more customers. Frankie goes to find out about the non-functioning bus and everyone wants to come along which delays her. Frankie and the gang finally get to the mechanic, only to find that the bus is not ready yet because the carburetor is filled with cheese fries.

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Frankie tells Bloo that static electricity can be produced by rubbing socks together. After learning this, he zaps Frankie, then Wilt, then both Wilt and Frankie at the same time. He tries to zap Mr.

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