How to format flash drive on mac for windows

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This is a cross-platform problem that Windows and macOS users often experience.

How to Format a Drive on a Mac

For example, a photographer may provide you with a USB flash drive with stored photos and videos from your birthday party, but you cannot access them on your system. This is the result of differences between operating systems on computers.

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Windows and macOS use separate file system formats. By default, USB flash drives and external storage are formatted with the NTFS file system - this works flawlessly on PCs, while Mac computers are able to read data in the format, but struggle to write using this type of storage.

In this article, we describe the differences between these two file systems and how to format external storage using a Mac computer.

Top 5 USB Flash Drive Formatting Software for Mac

Table of Contents:. Naturally, the question is: which should you choose? To make the choice easier, we describe both file systems and their features below. This particular file system does contain file size restrictions. For example, the maximum size of supported files is 4GB you cannot write files larger than 4GB.

How to format drive for Mac and Windows

Also, you cannot create a startup drive for Mac computers within storage media that uses the FAT32 file system. If, however, you are not planning to use external storage to transfer large files or create any executable partitions such as a Mac startup drive the FAT32 file system might be an option, since this format is supported in all versions of the operating system.

Therefore, you can write a file of, for example, 1TB size and create partitions of 5TB within the device. Despite this improvement of available data size, some older versions of operating systems are no longer compatible with this file system format. The oldest versions of operating systems compatible with exFAT are listed below:. Otherwise, if the device is to be used only with computers with modern versions of operating systems, the recommended format is exFAT. Firstly, bear in mind that formatting the drive will erase all content stored on it.

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Even if the Mac is unable to mount the storage, following this method will enable you to format the storage. Begin by connecting the storage device to your Mac, and then launch Disk Utility using Spotlight. Simply use the keyboard shortcut of Command and Spacebar, type Disk Utility, and then press return. Select the drive you wish to format from the list in the left sidebar of the Disk Utility window.

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Launch Disk Utility. Step 2. Step 3. Select the storage drive from the sidebar of Disk Utility.

Best 5 USB flash drive formatting software for Mac

Click the Erase tab from the top. Step 4. Enter the name of the storage drive alongside Name. Finally, click the Erase button. Step 5. When the erase operation is successful, click Done. You can transfer files from Mac to PC or vice versa without any issue. Hence, if the storage drive contains any critical data, then back up those data to another storage drive before performing the erase operation to avoid losing your data permanently.

How to Format a Flash Drive on a Mac - Demonstration

R EMEDY : If you have not backed up your external USB storage drive data and erased the drive in a hurry, then you must stop using the external drive immediately to avoid overwriting. Recover your data using the backup; else consider a data recovery software on your MacBook or any Mac system you own. The choice of one over the other depends upon your need. If you do not use, create, or transfer files larger than 4 GB then formatting your external USB storage device in FAT32 file system format is satisfactory.

how to format flash drive on mac for windows How to format flash drive on mac for windows
how to format flash drive on mac for windows How to format flash drive on mac for windows
how to format flash drive on mac for windows How to format flash drive on mac for windows
how to format flash drive on mac for windows How to format flash drive on mac for windows
how to format flash drive on mac for windows How to format flash drive on mac for windows

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