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Don't show this again. Microsoft commits to five more years of Office for the Mac -- Intel releases; Current release in Rosetta Microsoft commits to five more years of Office for the Mac -- Intel releases; Current release in Rosetta. CNET staff. A press release says "The agreement paves the way for the two companies to combine talents to build next generation Mac software and meet the needs of Mac customers now and in the future.

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Rosetta works behind the scenes, letting you run most non-Universal applications on Intel Macs. That's the good news; the bad news is that because Rosetta is translating older code on the fly, applications running under Rosetta pay a performance penalty that ranges from virtually unnoticeable to unbearably annoying. There is also one newly obsolete term you can forget: Classic. When you use a Mac that has an Intel processor, you'll encounter five types of software: Universal, Intel only, Rosetta compatible, Rosetta sluggish, and incompatible.

On an Intel Mac, Universal and Intel-only applications and plug-ins are some of the fastest Mac software ever.

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Some Rosetta-compatible software runs acceptably under Rosetta, but other software runs sluggishly. And some Mac software is completely incompatible with the Intel processor and doesn't even run under Rosetta. Performance of many non-Universal productivity applications, including Microsoft Office , Quicken , and Adobe Reader, is perfectly acceptable under Rosetta.

Those programs and many others may run slightly slower on an Intel-based Mac than on a PowerBook G4, but not slow enough to annoy you. Alas, other programs — most notably Adobe Photoshop and the other components of Adobe Creative Suite 2 — are sluggish enough to hamper your productivity. A handful of programs and hardware drivers — including all but the latest versions of Apple Pro and Express applications, all Classic applications, Microsoft's Virtual PC, and some third-party keyboard, mouse, tablet, and audio interface drivers — don't work at all under Rosetta.

Consequently, if you depend on any of those or are a heavy Adobe user, you should probably wait until the software you rely on is available in an Intel-only or Universal Binary version. Just for the record, Apple reports that more than 2, Universal applications are already available and that the transition continues to gather momentum, with more applications being introduced for Intel Macs every day.

In May and June, I surveyed 15 vendors of popular audio software and hardware, asking them three questions: Which, if any, of your products are Universal Binaries already? What is your timetable for updating products that are not Universal? Do your non-Universal products run acceptably with Rosetta translation on Intel-based Macs? Not surprisingly, each developer gave me different answers. Ableton www. Apple Computer. As I mentioned previously, most, if not all, Apple products are Universal already.

More specifically, Aperture 1. Applied Acoustics Systems. According to AAS www. The current versions of AAS programs will run under Rosetta, but because they are extremely CPU intensive, you won't get decent performance out of them. ArturiaVirtual-instrument maker Arturia www. The rest of its software is expected to be Universal before October.

Arturia added that although its PowerPC-native standalone instruments currently work in Rosetta, Universal hosts are unable to load PPC-native plug-ins. Peak Pro 5. In a recent test, BIAS www. While we don't have publicly announced dates available yet, BIAS is a leading Mac developer, and therefore we place a high priority on getting our products to run native on the new Intel-based Macs.

We'll have more specific information for each product as we get closer to release. Specific information can be found on our FAQ page. I was having this exact problem with PPC apps a few bounces and then nothing after working properly earlier , and I managed to get rid of it by uninstalling Unsanity's application enhancer. Of course, if you are having the problem and you don't have the APE, then my suggestion doesn't matter! It happened on my second run of the app and I rebooted to solve it at that time as well.

Luckily I haven't a repeat of the issue. This has happened to me a couple times in the week since my MacBook arrived. So this hint would seem to make sense.

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Same problem on a MacBook Pro 17 Entourage sometime bouncing and not launching Flash 8 crash at launch both are solved restarting the mac. Anyone knows if it can be really to Application Enhancer? This problem is annoying!

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About six weeks ago I bought a refurbed Mac mini knowing it was only a matter of time before I'd be getting a MacBook of course we were guessing at the name back then and that at least one of my labs at work would be replaced sometime this year. So I wanted experience with the Intel machines. In all the banging around I did on the mini I never once saw Rosetta fail like this.

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The mini and my MacBook are configured exactly the same way - I have exactly the same software on both. But the second day I owned the MacBook I started having PPC programs failing to launch and rarer, right after launching would crash as soon as I attempted to interact with it. A restart always solved it—until it came back.

Given that the mini and the MacBook architecture are so similar, I wonder why it happens on one but not the other? Is it isolated to MacBook owners?

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  • Terminating 'translated' in the Activity Monitor fixes all. I too ran monlingual and run APE. Has everyone else who has this issue ran monlingual or are running APE? Interestingly my MacBook was set up via migration assistant from a MacBook Pro with exactly the same setup yet it does not suffer the same problems.

    I've found Office V. X Word, Excel won't start on an Intel iMac they crash if you click on their application icon in the dock, but if you open a document they run fine. Sorry for you, guys cross fingers. I have been having similar problems with anything Adobe but primarily Photoshop CS2 and Photoelements 4. I beleive the issue is related to Unsanity but in discussion with one of their programmers, we can't identify the issue. Fruitmenu appears to be one component, because it seems to have more impact on no startup of adobe Killing the 'translated' process works well enough for me to keep using Photoshop and doesn't appear to have any damaging affect.

    I'm surprised that there has not been more response in various forums. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly -- that is the fi. Running Killing 'translated' seems to have worked for all three. Killing "translated" worked on my MacBook Pro. I am having the launching issue with Entourage and Quicken I do have Windowshade installed and active very hard to live without on a laptop. This is excellent information and "right-on" it seems to my problem.

    If I understand correctly, if a program like Adobe Reader 7. Is that correct?

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