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I completed the tutorial, but have a mac - so I went to the folder containing all the xml font themes, duplicated one of the xml files - changes the minor and major fontfaces and YAH it works. Hi - I'm trying to get this to work for my PPT for mac. Would really appreciate your help Hey Miriam PPT is different to Currently exploring a solution. In version, there is no way to custom the font but using the XML. However, I can't not find the folder like you listed above, I hope that you can figure out the new way to custom the font on version because I'm gonna die now with this issue : Anw, thank you so much for a concise tutorial like that and your enthusiasm to answer people's questions until now.

How to Install Fonts on PowerPoint for Mac

They seem to use a different standard though one xml file per theme. Somebody who need windows key click: www. Thank you! Finally, information that truly helped! Oh, and did I tell you Thank you? How do you select a font weight within the family? Currently not picking up the font family name, so thought I might need to define the weight. Totally awesome guide- you save my life : - now looking for a guide on how to create custome theme colors -.

I was using a Mac and Office so i couldn't download the Theme Builder. You will only need to edit two parts: Change ' Calibri ' to the font you wish to use for the Heading text.

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You can see the one I created shown in the screenshot below:. Labels: PowerPoint , Tutorial. Chol 11 March at Kunji 7 April at Jesper 7 June at Kunji 27 June at DC81 5 September at Kunji 7 September at Kunji 31 October at Bohnulus 15 January at Kunji 15 February at Lucid Building Solutions 22 April at Ayaweb 12 December at Matej Hlavacek 21 December at Brett Jorgensen 1 March at Anonymous 11 March at Jule 26 March at Ruben Horemans 15 May at Anonymous 26 August at Rachel Codling 18 September at Mitch 6 November at Jacqui Lott 26 August at Kunji 27 August at Kunji 28 August at Jacqui Lott 11 April at Kunji 22 April at Unknown 20 February at Unknown 12 July at Unknown 15 December at Unknown 11 January at MA 3 October at When you save new theme fonts to your system, you see the new name listed in the Custom section of the Fonts gallery as pictured in Figure 3.

This will not be the case for other users. Although the settings for theme fonts do travel with a template or theme file, other users cannot see the theme font set listed in their Fonts galleries. Sometimes you need to change the Heading or Body font, or both.

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  • Instead of creating a new set of theme fonts each time you make a change, you can edit the existing file. Make your changes and save the file, retaining the original name. When you create your own theme fonts, certain language settings are not included in the underlying XML code. These language settings are included in the built-in theme fonts.

    Just like the decisions you make for theme colors, the choices you make for fonts will have a lot of impact down the line. Theme fonts will populate all placeholders and default text and appear in just about every future slide created with the template.

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    One thing to consider when choosing fonts is that the characters in each font have personality and style. Some fonts look more contemporary whereas others can appear dated or retro. The fonts with the most personality are referred to as ornamental or display fonts. They have more distinctive letterforms and are not well-suited for body fonts Chiller, Juice ITC, or Mistral are examples.

    Legibility is the most important visual characteristic for a presentation font. You should choose fonts that are simple in design and form so that the letterforms are distinguishable at smaller sizes consider chart labels or table data, for instance. This is why most presentation professionals suggest using sans serif fonts. Serifs refer to the small features at the end of letter strokes, as in the classic typefaces Times New Roman or Palatino Linotype.

    See Figure 3. Sans serif fonts are the best choices for body fonts. This list includes just a few examples. Some serif fonts work well for larger text sizes and are completely appropriate choices for Heading fonts. So, why not use them for body text?

    Download / Install Custom Font for PowerPoint Presentations

    Serif characters are generally formed with thick and thin strokes. At small sizes, the thin strokes can break up or disappear, which makes reading text difficult. Think about chart labels as a baseline for smaller font sizes. You want to ensure that even the smallest text is clearly legible. As stated earlier in the chapter, when selecting fonts you must consider everyone who will be using that template to create, edit, or display presentations based on that template.

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    6. Customize your theme.

    If the template and subsequent presentations will be shared among many users, you must stick with fonts that are common to all. Perhaps the presentations will only be printed, converted to PDF, or output to video from this system. If there is any chance the presentation will be shared elsewhere, see Scenario 3.

    You can select any font from your Fonts gallery within PowerPoint, including fonts that your company has purchased licenses for. Hello, branding fonts! Many fonts are installed with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. The fonts shown in Figure 3. The list is subject to differences depending on installation options for each system.

    You know for a fact that everyone in the company has the same computer setup: the same operating system and same version of Microsoft Office. When creating templates for an ideal and surprisingly uncommon! Remember though: If presentations are shared beyond this small group of users, you run the risk of font substitution for those who have a different computer setup from the original group.

    In this scenario, planning ahead for the inevitable shared presentation is best. You must test this thoroughly! Also be aware that, because most embedded fonts will not travel with a template, everyone at your company must know how to embed fonts when saving a presentation and remember to do so!

    Remember, though, most fonts will not embed in a template. And be careful when embedding a font into a presentation because PowerPoint might not warn you if the font has not actually been embedded. Also, if any chance exists that a presentation will be viewed on a Mac system, forget embedding altogether and see Scenario 3. Mac versions of PowerPoint cannot embed fonts, and they cannot use fonts that have been embedded.

    Read on for more information about purchased fonts and embedding. These fonts are common to most users.

    Digital Maven: Creating a custom Font Theme in PowerPoint Office for Mac

    When creating a template for a large group of users, choosing from this list of fonts that are common to most users is best. To make your font decisions easier or for you designers, utterly frustrating , the choices from this list of 45 common fonts are further limited by character legibility and font style.

    As discussed in the first part of this section, sans serif fonts are preferable for presentations. The characters do not scale well, which makes reading text at smaller sizes difficult. Although we would all love to use unique fonts for presentation templates, the reality is that this proposition is risky in regard to PowerPoint.

    Here are a few things to consider regarding embedding purchased or free fonts:. As mentioned earlier, most fonts cannot be embedded in a template and theme files do not support embedding. Theme fonts must be installed in order for anyone to use these files. Your company might have purchased the rights to use certain fonts for all company documents and presentations.

    But typical font licensing does not extend beyond internal company usage distributing the fonts to anyone outside your company is illegal.

    How to Change Default Font Color in a PowerPoint Presentation Template

    This means that anyone outside the company such as ad agencies, marketing firms, event companies, and so on must purchase a licensed copy of the fonts. If theme fonts cannot be embedded or distributed, PowerPoint makes substitutions for them, often with disastrous results. Many sites offer free fonts; most of which are display or decorative fonts and unsuitable for body text.

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