Synology surveillance station mac safari 6

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Surveillance Station works with all the major browsers as well as iOS and Android, even allowing cross platform monitoring if you happen to have multiple different devices.

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User can live stream up to 64 channels at once in HD p. The program has live view analytics that monitor specific areas in real-time for suspicious events. Users set up pre-defined criteria and the camera automatically records if the criteria is met, something such as missing objects or motion detection. User can also take snapshots and edit them before saving them to their NAS or computer. With viewing user recordings, Surveillance Station offers multiple ways of watching the videos recorded.

The timeline panel allows users to go to a specific date and time to view a recording. Here users can take snapshots, make recordings and zoom in and out. There are sync and non-sync modes for looking at one recording from different cameras at the same time or at various times.

Synology surveillance station mac safari

Users can play back records frame-by-frame. Images can be enhanced on screen, adjusting aspects such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness. Surveillance Station enables users to effectively archive and search recordings that build up over time. The software also supports specialized cameras such as fisheye or multi-lens. Synology supplies an easy-to-follow wizard for setting up any camera that is compatible.

The latest version also supports recording at the edge, or having on-board storage devices such as an SD card in cameras so they continue to record in the event of network downtime.

Version 7. While it is nice to have a free, powerful surveillance system for your home or small business, Synology realizes that some businesses need huge surveillance or are nothing but surveillance. CMS enables administrators the ability to efficiently manage cameras, have flexible deployment, and proactive control.

If multiple cameras are of the same model they can be configured in one step. Camera performance can be optimized for their environment through advanced settings. Cameras can be organized into groups in order to be viewed together. All of the above features apply to the CMS just at a larger scale.

Synology Surveillance Station 7.0 Review

And the administrator can authorize privileges, view locations of cameras on an e-map, and set up notifications through email, SMS, or push notifications on mobile devices. The latest version of the Mac plugin currently available is V3. We will update as soon as we hear of a resolution. In the mean time, if you need to view your Hikvision cameras from Safari on your Mac it's probably best to not update just yet.

NB Our attempts to downgrade Safari have so far been unsuccessful [for us - it's broken - waiting for a new plugin] You can access your Hikvision cameras using the Chrome browser on your Mac. But the maximum resolution it'll show is x looks horrible on a 5K iMac. And, the Playback function seems to be missing. Last edited: Sep 18, This is the same step that Firefox March and Chrome Sept took previously. Hikvision's plugin for Google Chrome is unsupported Hikvision plugin doesn't work in Firefox We await news of what the manufacturers will do about this now.

I'm not optimistic of a quick resolution as we have been waiting for so long for the ability to use any browser without NPAPI. Axis browser independence Synology Surveillance Station using html5 in the browser. Also, in case you missed it in my first post: Phil said:. You can access your Hikvision cameras using the Chrome browser on your Mac.

Messages 4 Points 3. Phil said:. Hi, yes, sorry, I think there is only a limited subset of Hikvision devices that are going to work with Chrome on the Mac.

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Maybe more of the newer camera models too, but it is difficult to say with any confidence when it is often hard to find Release Notes for the firmware. I believe that the camera manufacturers are relying upon a development by a third-party - "no plugin"? We have no official information, yet. Sorry, it is far from ideal. Thank you for the information. Messages 1 Points 1. Learnt my lesson now, not to upgrade safari. Messages 2 Points 3. Screen Shot at 9. Thank you for that - we have tested it here and all seems good! Users using macOS Learn More.

Significantly improved the Transactions application by providing more video overlay options and other WebAPI for third party integration. Significantly improved the Archive Vault application by providing more recording archiving detailed settings. Added support to control the lens moving speed of PT cameras according to the operating amplitude of the joystick. Added support for the Live View layout sequence function. Users can now play different layouts sequentially in Live View. Added support to specify the size of the storage space.

Have a Synology NAS? Need a Security system?....budget DIY guide here!

Administrators can now manage the total storage space not only by limiting each camera space but also by limiting the total storage space. Added support for the "Ignore short-lived motion" function on Surveillance Station motion detection to reduce false alarms in specific environments.

Added support for providing the option to display or name snapshots by "snapshot taken time" or "video recorded time". Added support to lower the minimum value of snapshot folder space from 1GB to 10 MB for more flexible deployment. Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities Synology-SA Fixed an issue where the Surveillance Station package may continue to remain at the "stopped" status when disabling the package. Fixed an issue where logs cannot be shown correctly under firmware version 1.

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Fixed an issue where notifications may be sent continuously when cameras are disconnected during motion detection. Fixed an issue where certain parameters may not be shown correctly in push service of the notification.

Is the Synology Surveillance Station better than Blue Iris?

Fixed an issue where the archive rotation mechanism of the Transactions application may be abnormal. Please use Synology Evidence Integrity Authenticator 1.

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Introduced the new Archive Vault application to provide an advanced remote recording archiving function. Introduced the new Home Mode application for users to set two different security settings in advance, and switch between these two settings manually, via a schedule, or by Geofence. Introduced the new Transactions application for simultaneously monitoring transaction details and videos. Chrome currently only supports up to a maximum of 36 video channels. For more information, please refer to this article.

synology surveillance station mac safari 6 Synology surveillance station mac safari 6
synology surveillance station mac safari 6 Synology surveillance station mac safari 6
synology surveillance station mac safari 6 Synology surveillance station mac safari 6
synology surveillance station mac safari 6 Synology surveillance station mac safari 6
synology surveillance station mac safari 6 Synology surveillance station mac safari 6

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